Fujifim X-E1

I have been testing the camera Fujifim X-E1 with basic zoom Fujifilm XF 18-55mm F2.8-4 couple of days. Zoom should be much better than a kit lens of other manufacturers. […]


Great atmosphere in this polish, former glass-making village. I photographed with inexpensive compact camera. Its main disadvantage? Aside from the overall quality (though the lens bears the proud name “Leica”), […]

The light

Just two minutes and colours of the photographs are completely different. Developed from the RAW using same parameters in Photomatix Pro. Krkonose Mountains from village Milire, the map

Easter Monday

The Weather attracts to the Mountains. Our Route Bedřichov, dam near Josefův Důl, Severák, Slavovanka, Maxov, Jindřichov, the Mountains full of people and NO OPEN PUB!!! The children got the […]

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